Future proof

All client sites are delivered via the JUMP Suite cloud platform.

This means that, unlike a traditional design- and-build project where you slowly watch your investment go out of date, our functionality is continually updated. Just like a smartphone app, it is continuously improved for as long as you have the site. 

This allows us to include updates for new browser versions and mobile devices as part of our managed services, rather than you having to pay for unexpected upgrades each time a new smartphone is released.

Simplifying the editorial process

Simple doesn’t mean unsophisticated. Simplicity for us means building an elegant, streamlined publishing tool that allows our clients to focus on what will make a difference: creating and using great content. 

We recognise that editors are users too, so unlike traditional CMS platforms, we design and build individual, custom interfaces for each client. Modern CMSs are designed to cater for a multitude of different purposes which, like most ‘packaged’ apps (think MS Office), means most clients only require about 10% of the total functionality. 

This can make them complex and confusing to use. DjangoCMS allows us to hide all the functionality that isn’t required, making site management and update simple. The system then publishes once to deliver seamlessly across web, mobile, social and email newsletter platforms with the minimum of training. 


Simplicity also means scalability. With the core web module, you can start small and add modules to develop a more sophisticated solution over time. 

80% of the website functionality is built and ready to deploy as part of the core platform.  That allows us to spend more time on the 20% that differentiates your brand.  We currently have premium modules for:

  • Long form storytelling 
  • Calculators
  • Survey tools
  • Benchmarking tools
  • Interactive graphics

We can also build bespoke modules for your specific needs.

Agile and cost-effective 

By designing the platform to be modular, you have complete flexibility to create a unique solution. You’ll only pay for the modules that you use and, importantly for the editorial team, you’ll only ever see the modules that you’re using. 

The core code is all open source which means no costly licensiong and peace of mind that you will always have access to the codebase.  Intellectual property for site styling, custom functionality and bespoke modules all remain the property of the client.

Community driven

As part of the JUMP Suite community, you’ll also have the opportunity to influence product development. The site is hosted ‘in the cloud’ so we are able to automatically roll out new features as soon as they are released.